Monday, March 4, 2013

Yarn doesn't have to be boring!

Bernat glow in the dark yarn!! Glow in the dark yarn...think of the possibilities! :)

70% Acrylic / 30% Polyester
Machine washable & dryable
40g / 1.4oz. & 66m / 72yds

. It reminds me of Bernat Satin or Red Heart Soft - silky shiny acrylic yarn.

It comes in pure white and baby pastels. In the pink, yellow, green, blue, and lilac, you can see the white glowing ply twisted around the color plies.


  1. Love this idea. Where can you get this yarn at? Visiting from Linky Love and now following.

  2. Bernat Ppl sell it, is all i know i been looking my self - :) ~keep on hooken~

  3. OMG~OMG~OMG!! I have been wanting this stuff for 2 yrs!
    I'm liking your blog! New follower..
    Thanks for Linking up today at Crochet Happy..hope to see a lot of you :D

  4. Visiting from Linky Love, new follower! I too love yarn!

  5. Machine washable and dryable, with the filament? Very cool! I wish they had this when my kids were younger, now they are just old enough to find it not cool LOL.


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