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About Crocheting Club - The Crochet Side

Crochet club Provides:
  • Help with crochet questions
  • Question of the day
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About Owner!
Name: Missa 
How long have u been crocheting: has been crocheting for over close to 25 years off and on, 
Kids: Mom of 4, ,
Married: Yes Married as Of Dec 7th 2012
My Hobbies: Love crocheting Love working with my hand, When i get free time i love to draw, wood burn, or paint, I love being out side 4 wheeling mud bog-in, boating, fishing, camping
We open Facebook : Oct 1. 2011
Started our news letter: Dec, 1. 2012
Open blog: Feb, 27 2013
Our Facebook took off fast With 220 like as of right now (Feb 28th 13)

 What are your online stomping grounds? Where can people find you? 
 My "Stomping Grounds" are at my blog, and my social media outlets.
Out in the Kountry

Name : Billie (Jo, Byrd, BJ: I go by many names )
How long have u been crocheting: For about 3 years now.
Kids: One wonderful little girl
Married: Happily Divorced and Taken
My Hobbies: Crocheting, Video games (xbox, wii, PC), Walking, muddin, fishin, huntin, yard work - I like lots of things

Out in the Kountry was made because I was down for a few days and had nothing to do. I didn't have the strength to even pick up a crochet hook. I figured if I started a blog that not only would it help me share my love of crochet with people, but it will also help me keep my thoughts and ideas straight for once. 

 After working on my blog for a few days, I showed it to MISSA and she LOVED the idea. We have been working on both blogs together since then. If I need her to do something for me, I send her a message and she gets it done for me. We make a great team. <3 ya girl.
 Always remember to tell your loved ones that you love them, you never know when your time is up.
HOOKIN is where the Heart is <3
As always, feel free to ask questions, comment and have a blast!!

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