Sunday, March 3, 2013

Threading a needle should be easy

Threading a needle should be easy. All you need to do is take the yarn and get it through the eye of the needle, but actually getting the yarn (or anything else you might be using) through the eye of the needle can be a bit challenging.

 It seems to have gotten more challenging as my eyes have aged and my depth perception has changed 
i faced with the task of threading yarn through a needle. Getting regular sewing thread through the tiny eye of a needle can be hard enough, but when you’re dealing with big, fat yarn, it’s an extra challenge. Fortunately, I had a trick up my sleeve that really helped.

Of course you’ll want to start with a large eyed needle so that the yarn will actually fit. Then cut a tiny slip of paper  no wider than the eye of the needle. Follow steps Try it u  might be in WOW!!
what I do is fold a piece of paper in half

cut it so it's just large enough to fit through the eye of the needle

put the end of the yarn on the inside of the fold

and push the paper through the eye of the needle

Wow No more Fighting with the Yarn Good Luck if u try it let us know how you like our Tip 
We ask if u tell anyone how this is done pls link it back to us thank you 


  1. Oh, duh! How smart is this and why did I never think of it before? I know they sell fancy products for threading your needle but this is a simple, free and quick solution. Good call!

  2. I am soooo glad I came across this technique. I will no longer dread threading the yarn and fine tuning my projects. So simple, and yet it is a life saver. Thank you!!!!!


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