Friday, March 1, 2013

What would you Name this sweater ?

Hello all where to Start?  We Less then a Mo ago i got to go to see my brother up in Upper Michigan,

My hubby and I had a Blast we got to go Snowmobiling for my first time + my first time driving one! (Oh boy) I did had fun, Mind you I haven't seen my brother sent I was 15. I got to see him for 3 hours back in April, I think it was. He stop at the house to meet my kids, he never met them so that was fun, and i got to meet his lil girl.

When we were up north I got to spend time with his lil girl and i fell in love with her. When  I got home and was looking through the internet to make something for her and I love making baby dresses and she around 4 years old in a T-4 T-5 so wasn't sure if those would work,

i found this picture and loved it, but i\I couldn't understand the *Pat* because I have a hard time understanding them and ~B~ couldn't help me with it bc she didn't understand it. so i  just did by looking  and made my own, my way...

I found a Picture of a flower bc i didn't know how to make these flowers on the  top picture Sq flowers as i couldn't read the *pat* i seen these i thought it was Cool.
i didnt know how to do this  from working from the neck down to make these stand right - asked a few groups how did they knew stich but not how to do what i needed so i was playing around with a pop-corn stich and single and a double and the pic bewlow is what i came up with - its more 3-D then the top and i add it to the arms as u will see in pictures below - i think it turned out nice and think it will be a good border for blankets i will be making the rose again - 

 Here mine and what i came up with  Pls leave comment What you think about love to hear ur feed back

 On the arms 

Its still not done * In picture is my grand baby* She a T-5 So i think this will work for his baby Girl. I cant wait to go back up there and give it to her but not sure yet to send it or wait until we go back up north? *Thinking*

 What would you Name this sweater ?

 I hope you Like the work! i worked hard on it 
~Keep On Hookin~

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  1. Spring Flair? something with a flower in the title - are they tulips? Spring Rosebuds Beautiful work. I'm sure she'll love it!


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