Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introduce Myself

Hello Welcome to My first Blog,
My Name is Melissa But go by Missa, How do i begin?

This is my first ever blog post on my brand new sparkly website and i am not sure what to say! The first thing i need to do is say a few thank yous to the people who have allowed me to get where i am today, I have alot of hopes and dreams for this new website that allows me to do so many thing that i want to do for so long and yet haven't had the ability or time to do, so a huge thank you to a outstanding and amazing bff Billie,

 Who also helps me run the Facebook groups we run, She just open her first blog too, ill have links post at the end of this post for all to take a look,

I am a Mommy Of 4 And 2 grand babes (girls)  They are my test dummy when it come to crocheting, :)
As you have seen my hobby is crocheting i do love it, My favorite thing to crochets are baby dress,

Billie has helped me alot with reading patterns bc i have a hard time doing that, I do a lot of looking at things counting stitches, bc i am disabled and have a hard time understanding the *Pats*  but i do some nice work, Well i think so,
I have alot of hobby's. I love to draw  and so much more. but not time or place to go in to that,

I meet Billie one day on Facebook group asked her for help understanding a *Pat* and she helped me and we became best friends, We plane on meeting up this summer so our kids can play together,
We open a group together so we can give help to others about crocheting bc its so hard to get a hold of the ppl who make *pats* and to get question answered,   And we wanted to share our love of crocheting with ppl around the world.
This blog will be worked on with Billie and my self I post aka sign my Name,  ~MH~ so ppl know its me and she signs her name ~B~

We will Post tips' tricks, Funny sayings and about every day Life, We just post alot of things, we hope you will follow us and share the love of crocheting with us And stop by from time to time and leave us a Comment, Give us a hard time * but keep it real* we are humans We have feeling and remember we worked hard, We love the feed back bc it give us a smile in side and out and we hope you join the love of crocheting with us,

If you have a moment, go check out the 2 Facebook fan pages  go take a look and celebrate the accomplishments of your fellow crocheters. Like their stuff, make comments, and really make their day feel special! Share post Ur work here We love looking asking question how did u do that u might be a teacher to someone HUGS~ MH~

"When you give a gift made with love,
It turns it into something priceless."

Wow my first blog post!
Our links 

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  1. P.s Reson why we went with gitrdonencrochet bc that's crocheting club was taken for a blog and the link on facebook is
    We are the same group but blog has diffident name Sorry for making u all think u lost Ur mind we didn't mean to mix u up.


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