Wednesday, February 27, 2013

blog my crochet

I really enjoy it, Crocheting and it's been sort of cool to watch my own progression from beginner to....advanced beginner. I think I may be really close to the intermediate point. (thinking)

It seems like the time has come to blog my crochet. What I've done. Where it's gone. Whose patterns I use. What I've learned. One of these days I'd even like to take a stab at creating my own patterns. *but don't know where to start on that!

So here it is
Probably not the most exciting blog around. Not the most informative, not the most humorous. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be a fun place for me to track what I'm doing, share patterns, give and receive advice and just waste some more time on the web. 

I try to share cool things i find on line or if someone post on our Facebook fan page how do i do this? how did u do this? where can i find this? in away we are like a help and search group I like to think of it more friends and family place to show the Love of the crocheting and watching ppl art love come to life. i know i feel the big Joy when ppl say oh wow that good, it always make me smile, I love hearing good things,  
I don't know if me typing everything down here on a blog is going any where or no where or will it help ppl still new to this don't know how ppl find ppl blogs?
Maybe someone can give me tips?

So, I'll be posting me triumphs and my disappointments, and I welcome comments. If you comment, I ask two things. Be nice, but please be honest. I see some things that people made and I know they worked really hard on them, but, to say this....they're butt ugly. 

A different choice of yarn could make all the difference in the world. So, when I post something so awful that you can't imagine that it has a right to exist (and I'm sure I will) please let me know that somewhere I made a bad judgement call. 

And when I post something as adorable as my Dress, you can tell me how cute it is because, frankly, I already know but I still like to hear it. 

I'll have my ups and downs -

Oh - and I already know that I'm spelling challenged, so you can make fun of my spelling and my typos, but remember, spelling is NOT one of the top ten most important things in life.

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  1. I love this!! I think your typos make things funny and I even make them too. WTG!! <3 ya girl


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