Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ƸӜƷ Good Morning Everyone ƸӜƷ

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                                                  Good Morning Everyone. Long post !
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 I hope you all had a good Easter goodbye March, hello April,
 I would like to say a huge welcome To our new admin Barb, Also Know as ~BT~ on face book, i was asked why do we have ~Names~ its to help people to know what admin posted what, And when you e-mail us and have a question we know who the question go's to, or if u want an answer on a post we can see who posted it and know who to get a hold of, so on that note We have
 ~MH~ : Missa H
~B~ Billie 
~J~ Jena
~BT~ Barb 
So i hope that help everyone on that 
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UPDATE: on site we got a new admin :) and we very happy to  her,  she a doll she every sweet and has open our eyes to some cool things, we are teaching her new things and the same with her to us.,

Date: April 2nd Face book fan page got a new cover picture done by ~MH~ nice job  * Me Smile*
We have a poll on fan page asking if ppl would like to do a monthly challenge  So if you get time stop by and give us a vote, Fan Page >> Link https://www.facebook.com/GITRDONESUS
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What have i been doing i been Busy this week because my kids have No school, Trying to keep them out of things,  But when i get  some free time on my hand i write in my crocheting note book, ideals, i trying to make my own pat for a blanket for babies, once i get it looking good i'll post pictures of it,
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Also i been crocheting something still can't tell you about but in last post you could see the colors i am half way done with it, So i cant wait for it to be done, there is No Pat for this its just thing put together from pass crochet projects, i will post pictures of where i got them from, so people will know, but i am loving this,
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I also have been making baby dress's i have 2 made will post pictures of them all once i am done with them all. they are truing out cute, i want to sell them but unsure how how much to sell them for,  

                                                 ~ ~ ~ ƸӜƷ ~ ƸӜƷ ~Daisy Pat ƸӜƷ ~ ƸӜƷ ~ ~ ~

1. Chain 4. Attach the first to the last with a SLST.
2. 8SC in the ring. Attach the first to the last with a SLST and while doing so, change colour.
3. Chain 8, 1SLST in the next SC. Repeat until you have 8 bows (leaves).
4. In every bow: 8SC. Crochet 1SLST in between the bows (so in the SLST of row 3).

  I hope you are all having a good week

and are looking forward to the weekend.

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